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Privacy Policy


This text covers the Privacy and Cookies Policy for Shanghai Me Restaurant Website later referred as ‘Website’.

It elaborates on how this Website collects, uses and shares information about its visitors, as well as use of cookies and their purpose on the Website.

Note that the Website is a legal trade name of LUXURY RESTAURANT LTD, later referred as ‘Owner’. Owner reserves the right to update and change any part of this Privacy Policy without prior notice. Regular visitors are encouraged to regularly review this Privacy Policy to ensure that they are up to date with current policies and practices.

Furthermore, a term ‘Visitor’ is being used to describe a person accessing the Website.

Collection of Information 

Website may collect and store certain information from its Visitors, which may include:

• Visitor`s name and certain contact information, provided willingly by the Visitor;
• Visitor’s geographical location;
• Products and services subscription, their usage, Visitors preferences and actions on the Website with the use of third-party services, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Alexa Amazon, and other tools.

The Website does not store Visitors sensitive information, like financial data, which includes credit card information and billing records.

All the personal information that the Website may hold will be secured in accordance with our internal policy and the UAE law. We will not transfer or sell Visitor’s personal information, unless legally requested by local authorities.

To learn more about third-party tools and services the Website uses, Visitors are encouraged to visit their Privacy Policy pages.

Information Usage

The Website is using the information provided by the Visitor for the following purposes:

• Provide Web surfing experience of the highest standards;
• To improve the quality of existing functionality, or to develop new services;
• Prevent illegal or prohibited activities within the Website domain;
• From time to time, perform visual and technical updates on the Website to increase its efficiency and customer experience;
• Provide Visitors targeted marketing and promotional services, based on their preferences, location, and other data;
• Provide periodic information updates and news about the Owner, the Website, and any related entity. This may be performed as SMS campaign, mass digital newsletter using third-party service, or any other.

Note that any non-personal, non-exclusive data Visitor will provide either by email, contact form, or data which may be obtained from third-party services without specific confidentiality terms, may be stored, used and disclosed at any moment of time. Owner may use such data freely, and for any purpose whatsoever, including commercial, promotional, production and to improve provided services.

Sharing the Information

The Owner may use available Visitors data and disclose such data in a number of cases, which may include:

• Sharing data with selected third-party services acting on the Owner’s behalf as agents, suppliers or service providers;
• Ensuring proper work of the Website, its related systems and services;
• To obey any legal and regulatory request from the local authorities;
• For market research and accounting purposes;
• For any purpose that may be required if the Owner enters into a joint venture with, or is sold to, or merged with, another business entity.

External Links

These Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy apply solely to this Website domain. Visitor is notified that Website may contain external links to the external Web resources, and that the Owner may not control or affirm the privacy practices of such other resources. We strongly encourage Visitors to be cautious upon leaving the Website, and always read the privacy statements of any other Web resources.


We do our best to ensure that the highest standards of Web security are always applied to the Website, its hosting server, domain, and databases. We are committed to protecting Visitors privacy and have security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to and disclosure of personal information submitted to the Website. We also regularly update our security measures to be always in league with modern technologies.

Cookies Policy

This Website is using cookies (small files) created the moment the Website is accessed and stored in Visitor’s device for a certain period of time.

When Visitor first accesses the Website, he or she may see an appearing message informing that cookies and similar technologies are being used. Either by clicking “Accept”, closing the message, or continuing to browse the Website, Visitor agrees to use cookies in the way described in this Cookies Policy.

Accepting this policy is not mandatory. Visitor can reject storing any cookies from the Website at any time by changing the current browser settings to refuse or restrict cookies. Visitor may also delete existing cookies from the device at any point of time.

What are Cookies, in Detail

In general, cookies are text files placed on Visitor’s browser directory that contain certain information about Visitor’s identity (this information is generally encrypted), actions taken on the website, login details, etc. A cookie may or may not have an automatic self-destruct function, and some cookies delete automatically when closing the website.

Depending on the website, cookies are being used for a variety of purposes, but generally, they are meant to create an impression of website ‘remembering’ Visitor, its actions, and so on. With help of cookies, login sessions, link sharing, behavioral data analysis, and numerous other features of modern Web are possible.

Visitor is free to delete all or selected cookies from their device at any time, as all browsers have such feature in their settings. It is noted that in such case, some areas of the Website may not function as intended, take longer to load, or not be accessible at all.

How Secure are Cookies?

Cookies are not harmful for Visitor device and can be accessed only by the websites that placed them. Cookies themselves do not present any threat to user’s privacy. As they are stored on Visitor’s device and being accessed by the Website on later visits, their direct impact on information privacy is minimal. Furthermore, in case when cookies are used to store personal information about the Visitor and may contain sensitive data, accessing them is limited with certain level of data encryption.

Why do we use cookies?

The data collected using cookies helps us to understand our Visitors better so we can provide a better user experience. Cookies used on Website are meant to analyze Visitor’s interaction with the Website content. It provides a certain level of customization for returning Visitors.

Cookies used on the Website keep track of the browser version and vendor, as well as behavioral preferences, such as the navigation language, internal search history, contact form auto completion, etc.

How to Turn Cookies Off?

Visitor is able, at any time, disable any cookies in general, or the ones from a specific domain. By disabling cookies, certain features of the Website may become disabled or not function properly, so overall experience may be negatively impacted. For example – Visitor can be logged off, and all previous logins information will be deleted.

Cookies policy settings may be customized in the ‘Options’ (or ‘Preferences’) menu of Visitor’s browser. For more information, kindly refer to the browser ‘Help’ resources.